If you’re not sure how to budget money, you’re not alone. As your budget planner and assistant, Virtual Bookkeeping helps you learn how to create a new way of spending — where you have more choice, more control and ultimately, more freedom. How many times have you opened your bills and wondered how they added up so fast? Or felt guilty about buying something, but bought it anyway? We can help you gain complete control over your spending so you’re putting your money to work for you by investing, saving, or just purchasing things you really love, and spending less on the things you don’t.

Polish Your Personal Budgeting

Revolutionize Your Solo Business Finance Skills


  • Create an expense report by analyzing where your spending is going
  • Compare your expenses to what you’re bringing in each month
  • Recognize where you can improve spending habits
  • Reduce some of those costs and create a new expense report
  • Based on your numbers, set short, medium and long-term objectives
  • Establish an emergency fund
  • Follow processes to achieve your objectives and keep your budget on track


Our free budgeting assessment will review all of your needs, and provide you an all-inclusive monthly fee, so you can start enjoying peace of mind. As we’re always looking for savings, we often end up paying for ourselves!

To book a free assessment, contact us.